Africa Wonderings

Below are the claims/questions/wonderings about Africa that we came up with after watching the 10 Myths about Africa video. Some questions have been omitted since they correspond directly to the Mapping Lab Challenges or cannot be answered. (ex: What technology does Africa have?) (What is the GDP of Africa?)

Throughout the course of the Africa unit students can research answers to any of the questions and post them on this page.

Be sure to include multiple sources, your name, and links or citations to where you found your information.

World Leader Trading cards will go to those who post multiple responses with quality information.

What are the snowy regions?

What is the technologically advanced states/territories in Africa?

How many total people live in Africa?

How cold can Africa get?

What is the main climate of Africa?

What percentage of Africa has school?

How many different vegetation zones are there?

How many countries, provinces, etc. are there in Africa?

How many different ecosystems are there?

We would like to know about the foods that are eaten.

How many languages are spoken across Africa?

What are the types of animals that are different from North America?

What do some of the flags of African countries mean?

Who is the leader of Niger?

Why do people not know that these myths about Africa are not true?

How do people in the desert survive?

What are some great achievements?

Are there big cities in Africa? What are they?

What are some of the lifestyles of people in African countries?

What are some of the differences between cultures in Africa?

What are some of the differences between countries of Africa?

What is the population density in different areas?