African Excursion

Sample Travel Videos from Expedia:

Group City Assignments:

Websites/Databases to get general information about the country/city:
Encyclopedia Britannica
CIA World Factbook

Links to travel sites:
Frommers Travel
Lonely Planet Travel
Expert Africa Trips
African Travel Company

Create a wiki page following the instructions below to house your notes and final video production:
  1. Create a new wiki page.
  2. Title the page "Excursion and your first names" (ex: Excursion Roy, Mary, Nicole, Jordy)
  3. Tag the page "trip5" or "trip6" depending on what hour you have Social Studies
  4. Use the template "Africa Excursion".
  5. Add some information to your new wiki page.
  6. Click save.
  7. Come back to this page and check to see if your page is linked next to your classmate's pages.

5th Hour Excursion Pages

Excursion max ellie alec maggie

6th Hour Excursion Pages